Welcome everyone to our first ever blog at Hair Therapy! We have been looking forward to putting a blog together for a long time now so all you fab folk don’t miss out on anything that’s happening at HT!  

So to start us off we shall be kicking things off with what we all have been up to since our return after the pandemic. It’s been very trying times for businesses, and we wish all our local shops the best of luck with the up and coming months ahead. The HT staff have been 100% committed to looking after every client that walks through the door and give everyone the best possible professional advice on all we can offer to ensure you all have the most fabulous hair for 365 days of the year… Yes not just for the small time your in the salon we mean for every single day of each year, we are committed to sourcing the best possible products and train on all the best courses to always be on top of our game because we love what we do and that is looking after you all!  

So far, we have been busy with the lovely Rebecca our Junior Stylist who qualified this year in her SVQ3 at Moray Collage. She passed with excellent overall marks and since then has been training hard in the salon to gain lots of experience to begin her journey on the salon floor cutting and colouring hair which predominately is where her skills are so far  so look out for more of Rebecca’s journey as we get into the rest of the year.  

We also have been sourcing new and exciting products for you all to try – one of our top faves is the AMAZING K18 Biomimetic Hairscience… Sounds freakier than it actually is trust us!! It is however the first of its kind and is a breakthrough in biosciences K18peptide™ was patented after a decade of scanning and testing the 1,242 decapeptides that cover the entire keratin proteome. The miracle molecule carries amino acids into the cortex of the hair to reconnect Keratin chains and reconform disulfide bonds to bring damaged strands back to their original, youthful state! Pretty cool huh and all the better it can repair your hair in just 4mins!! Like to know more please ask a member of HT and we will be happy to explain more. That wraps up this first blog for now thank you for catching up with us and see you all soon!