September time already… honestly where has the months gone! I had only realised just how many months had passed when I tried to get a brush through my daughter Ruby’s hair!! I realised then it had been at least 4 months since my girl had had a trim so now the kids are back to school and play dates can happen again at last for them. I thought I’d treat her and her bestie Brooke to a girls day out after school! We came to HT got a little pamper, a hot chocolate each and a lovely wash and head massage at the basin with our lovely Neal and Wolf range. It’s vegan/sulphate free and paraben free so lovely and natural for their little heads. They then both had a wee trim – not to much as I was o strict orders from both that their hair was to stay long! afterwards I dried their hair and put Eliza pleats with sparkles on them! How happy were they both! WE then went home, had pizza and a play, then Brooke went home. Both girls had a fab day and it was a lovely treat to give them after all they’re been through in the last year or so.

Next month, it’s the spooky Halloween season one of our favourite times of the year for HT so watch out for next months blog I’m sure it will be ‘spooktacular’!!!!